Gabriel Bacelar

Manny - 10+ Years of experience

Babysitter • Nanny

Looking for families in Vancouver, BC, Canada

15 - 25 per hour

Gabriel's Bio

Hi. Are you looking for someone responsible and someone that the kids can trust and have fun with it, while being keeping safe and well
I worked full time been a teacher and assistant for kids in a private school since 2010 until January of 2015.
Then I moved to U. S. To be an Au Pair for 2 years for a family with 2 boys (4, 6)
Now I am living in Vancouver looking for a lovely family to care

That is my previous Host Mom reference:
"Gabriel has been our au pair since March 2015 and stayed until March 2017, or 2 years. He lived with us and cared full time for our 2 boys, 8 and 6, so we know him very well. I cannot speak highly enough of his professionalism, honesty, intelligence, creativity, and skills with children and people. Any family would be lucky to have him as a nanny.
Gabriel came to us with a few years of full time teaching experience with young children and now has 2 years of full time nanny experience. He is quiet, patient, and authoritative with our children. He is quiet when we are noisy, calm when we are worked up, and there has not been a discipline issue that he is unable to resolve with the expectation that our children will understand, settle down, and listen, or have a consequence. Although we have cultural differences, we have been able to come to agreements easily in terms of parenting, consequences, schedules, etc. He has been a good leader for the children in helping them learn to dress, shower, and clean up for themselves. He has helped teach them to swim, and is always out with them with active games and playdates, understanding that little boys have a lot of �ants in their pants. � I have never heard Gabriel raise his voice it 2 years that he's lived with us (I wish I could learn this skill. ) He has earned the children's love and though he is a very low-key guy you can see how happy he is when the boys (especially my oldest, who is very standoffish) jump on him for hugs. I have ridden in the car with him many times as well as spent much time with him at the pool and beach and he's both an excellent driver and swimmer and has had full responsibility for maintenance of the car that he drives. (You really won't find an au pair who's a more qualified driver: he is equivalent enough to the adults in our family that he has taken a share of driving on our long family trips: his father actually works for the department of motor vehicles in Brazil, so an understanding of car regulations and requirements is second nature to him. Portland offers plenty of rain driving practice though not much snow�)
One of Gabriel's assets is that he's very social and resourceful, and uses both his social media and technical skills to research how to get the most out of our community setting for himself and the children. He's always finding new things to do with the children; he also settled into Portland right away, and is never bored: he has many friends here, whom we meet and like. He is comfortable bringing them home to be �part of the family. � His behavior is of the �ultra-responsible� variety and we see that he is a resource for his friends for information, advice, and good judgement. Just as an example of his organizational and practical skills: I am took my oldest child with me on a business trip to New York City in December and Gabriel came with us: the two of them spent quite a bit of time exploring the city on their own.
We have also enjoyed watching Gabriel mature in terms of his career goals and his English, watching the decisions he's made to develop his career in photography, video, and broadcasting, and watching him carefully evaluate his options in terms of what his next step is after he left us. We are sad to see him go but are confident that he is making the right move. And we can't say how lucky the next family he joins will be.
Emily, M. D. "

My responsibilities with the kids were:
- Wake them up
- Prepare Breakfast and feed them
- Drive and drop off at school
- Do kids laundry and keep the house clean and organized
- Pick Up kids from school
- Drive to parks and playgrounds so they can have fun (4 years of experience, driving more than 300 miles per week)
- Always outdoor when the weather allow us to do it.
- Give dinner for the kids
- Shower and bath for the kids
- Put to bed and read books and tell stories

Age Group

  • 1 - 3 years
  • 4 - 6 years
  • 7 - 11 years
  • 12+ years

Skills & Services

  • Babysitter
  • Nanny
  • Twins/Multiples
  • Sick Children
  • Homework Help
  • Meal Preparation
  • Errands/Groceries
  • Drive Children
  • Crafts
  • Swimming Supervision
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • First Aid
  • CPR


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About Gabriel

  • Will care for up to 1 child
  • Has Own Car
  • Comfortable With Pets
  • Non-Smoker